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My SpyraTwo does not work!

Below are a few tips to get your SpyraTwo or SpyraLX repaired:Please perform a reset if you have a SpyraTwo:1.    Press the ON/OFF button for at least 5 seconds and two square brackets will appear on the display2.    After that you have to pull the t

SpyraTwo is shooting air

1. Shoot your SpyraTwo empty until the display shows 00%.2. Perform an empty shot (video: Fill the tank or your SpyraTwo like usual4. Shoot 5 times in the air5. Fill the tank or your SpyraTwo again6. Sho

SpyraTwo leaks after filling the tank

Water can enter through the outer shell of the SpyraTwo if you overreach the immersion line (grey part of the SpyraOne front) while pumping. To avoid this only insert the SpyraTwo to the marked immersion line into the water.