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My SpyraBlaster does not work!Updated 7 months ago

Below are a few tips to get your SpyraTwo, SpyraThree or SpyraLX repaired:

Please perform a reset if you have a SpyraTwo / SpyraThree:

1.    Press the ON/OFF button for at least 5 seconds and two square brackets will appear on the display
2.    After that you have to pull the trigger
3.    Switch on your SpyraBlaster, again.

Otherwise our Quick Start Guide may help: 

If your SpyraLX is not shooting or pumping properly, please try the following troubleshooting tips:

1.    Please pump and shoot at the same time by pulling the handle all the way out and pulling the trigger at the same time as pushing the handle back in. This can act as a reset.
2.    Try pushing the trigger 15 to 20 times back to back. This should normalize the pressure inside your SpyraLX.
3.    If you do not feel a resistance when pushing the trigger, you can try flicking it forward. It should be usable as intended again, after.

If these tips did not help with your issue, please use our return system. 

For a smooth process, please fill out all the questions. 
As soon as your return case was submitted we will contact you. 

If the pop-up return form is not being displayed, please try turning of your ad blocker, using another browser or using another device to access the return form. 
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